Tuesday, August 23, 2016

In The Meantime....

In The Meantime

You know it's inspiration, when you already are prepared bed, and your last act is listening to facebook live, in support of a fellow author, entrepreneur sister. Only to find yourself aimlessly at the keyboard, under a dim desk lamp. Well truth be told, I'm not functioning at an aimless level. I was inspired with this story days ago but thought, well maybe I will just let it rest.  It may get better if I allow it to marinate.  

Truth again, I wasn't' going to tell the story, but Tiffany, Lady of Power, spoke on "I AM DETERMINATION" tonight, and reminded me/us that those high moments, reminds us of the victories we've come by way of those low valley experiences.  So here I AM.  And now I WRITE.

What are you waiting for?  You put it off long enough.   You said I will hire a personal trainer WHEN...  I will take my dream vacation WHEN....I will hire a Personal Assistant WHEN...I will marry the person of my dreams WHEN...I will start my business WHEN...I will change careers and operate in my Passion and Purpose WHEN... I will start a family WHEN...I will call a family member or friend who hurt me deeply  WHEN... I will learn to drive WHEN...I will do nice things for myself WHEN...I will take a class/start college/finish college WHEN...I will run my first 5K or Marathon WHEN...I will start training for scrabble competition WHEN...I will start going to church again WHEN...I will finally get the help I need WHEN...

Truth is there are so many conditional WHENS to getting started or even finishing that prevents you for WINing. We just have to just do it: simple as that!  Nothing is stopping you but you and a set of conditions that you/we have so comfortably gotten acquainted with, that you find it hard to let them go. But it's really a mind shift that needs to take place first, SO THAT the WHENs can manifest themselves into WINS. Do the work! Align, Grind, Pray, and Slay!

I plan to spend part of this Winter in Puerto Rico.  Even putting it out there in words and writing, for a global reach,  creates a window of possibilities of it truly happening and even the possibility of it not happening. Either way, I 'm not going to sit on my laurels and wish for LIFE to happen on my terms. I'm living it. I'm doing it and I'm saying it out loud. I'm making it happen! My heart is filled with joy and great expectations of what's to come, people to meet, places to see, foods to experience and music in which to dance, while making my small place a better place to live.

Should circumstances beyond my control and withdrawals from what seemed to be a level of security, delay me wintering in the land of the enchanted this Winter, then I will plan for the next. Either way, it's happening! D.V.

It's' soaring time, so we must consciously let go of thoughts, things and people even, that have been weighing us down. There's a lot of living and great things to do IN THE MEANTIME.  And the world is waiting on you, waiting on me! The WHENs may never ever show up, but LIFE is here today and fully ready to be lived. IN THE MEANTIME you gotta keep on living, keep on dreaming, keeping on growing, keep on WINning!  Live while you live!  Now that's DA Art of Living! 


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~Simply Lady Dana

August 2016 (c)

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Love Love

I never tire of watching the farewells at the airport, which seems to play out like a great cinematic ending to a box office love story. I can't be the only one who pauses and linger to watch these final waves of farewell; thrown butterfly kisses; and widening smiles of their goodbyes.

Even more moving are joyous reunions of soldiers that have been abroad, reuniting with their families The leaping joy of a little girl, as she bolts into her Daddys arms, covered in military fatigues and the wife who cries as they share what seems to be a never ending  hug, as their family unites again. I quietly she'd a tear of joy of their reunion, as I disappear, hopefully unnoticed as I wipe the tear from the corner of my eye. Now that's DA Art of Living!  #LoveLove

~Simply Dana
July 2016 (c)

Thursday, May 12, 2016

The After Rain

"The After Rain"
There is nothing sweeter than the smell of an after rain on a hot Summer day. The earth somehow seems to be cleansed, evident by the steam from the rich, green foliage that the ground yields.

I love the coolness that follows the after rain, which also allows the mind to be cleared from the cobwebs of life's demands, freeing one to just BE IN THE MOMENT.. All things are made new again: life,  chances and perspectives. Its freshness at its best!

Now that's DA Art of Living!

~Simply Dana
  May 2016 (c)

Monday, April 18, 2016

Don't Quit, No Matter What!

Sometimes we need a swift kick to get us back in gear and on the right path. My eleven year old nephew Xavier, was that kick for me this past weekend.

After hours of unpacking, decorating and directing for the set up for our Annual Spring Tea Party, hats and gloves and all, I found him seated in our nearly empty sanctuary, as the beautiful sounds from a Baby Grand, played by Fabrice,  seemed to captivate him in a peaceful calm. I slowly made my way down the aisle, to the front, and quietly sat next to him. I too needed the soothing pause of the beautiful notes for my weary mind and soul.

At some point, I told him I use to take piano lessons when I was about his age, but I had stopped. He looked in my direction, and without pause, he asked, but sternly stated " Ti Ti Dana, why do you quit  everything? I'm certain a big gulp to the pit of my stomach followed, rhat i hope the sounds from the piano drowned out. He then followed  saying "You quit writing and you quit piano". I took his remarks like a champ, a wounded one at that. My response was from my  formulated reality. "You're right Xavier, I have quit those things, but you've given me much to think about."

I did not tell my nephew, that my mom, as a single parent, could not afford to keep us in piano lessons, and for us to continue to travel to Manhattan, by ourselves (my sister stefanie, who was 12 at the time, and me eleven ) every week. So we quit.

Now, as for the writing, I just allowed other things to take priority over my love and freedom of written expression. That was until now.

So here I am WRITING again, all because of the wisdom of a young mind that is watching and teaching me to stay the course. And on that note, I declare that I am extremely intentional and shall birth three books this year, 2016, no matter what! They have been in the making and now I prepare to release them and ask for you, like my eleven year old nephew, to hold me accountable.  Now that's DA Art of Living!

Simply Lady Dana
April 2016  (c)

Sunday, January 3, 2016



Here I sit, on a cool Sunday morning in Atlanta,  at Starbucks with book in tow as I sip on Mint Majesty Tea and gnosh on gingerbread, as I contemplate the moment in which I'm in and the unlimited possibilities ahead.  The year 2016  is only 3 days young, and months before it arrived, I knew that IT WAS MY TIME!  My time to SHINE,  My time to THRIVE. And  my time to BE ALL that I was designed to be, with out apologies.  

I'm not much of a new year resolution maker, and therefore not a breaker either.  But I have decided to fully LIVE my life on PURPOSE in the purpose in which God has called me.  I am willing and PRESENT to do the work. I GET UP DRESS UP and SHOW UP even  when the weather is not complimentary to the warm element in which I thrive. 

I am intentional about what I do, say and how I spend my time.   Does that mean that I have every moment and thought mapped out? Certainly not!   Just the other day I attended a Small Business Expo.  And prior to attending I knew two things:  1). I did not want to leave there with 100 new business cards and 2). I was only going to spend three hours max at the expo.  Taking in consideration those two factors I put my three INTENTIONS out there and the UNIVERSE conspired to make it happen. And three hours later, all three of those intentions were realized and exceeded. I smiled big on the inside as I recognized the potential  POWER of OUR THOUGHTS.   We are who we say we are!  Who are you? What are you telling yourself?

Being INTENTIONAL sets us up to ATTRACT  WHAT WE RADIATE.  What I watch, listen to, read and the company that I keep must be ON FLEEK and be for the GREATEST GOOD!   This CLARITY really makes saying YES or NO so much easier: a new place for me!

Once you reach this higher state of  CLARITY and PURPOSE, you then  realize that in CHRIST, you already are and have ENOUGH!  Everything you need is WITHIN REACH and in your CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE.  Those things that no longer serve you or the GREATEST GOOD, can and probably should be PURGED.  As we saunter, or leap into 2016, may your JOY be enough , your LOVE be enough, your LAUGHTER be enough, your CLARITY be enough, your COURAGE be enough, your  WISDOM be enough,  your PEACE be enough,  your SORROWS be enough, your RESOLVE be enough, your ability to FORGIVE be enough, your  HOPE be enough,  your PASSION be enough, and your PURPOSE be enough to propel you to where you're suppose to be:  FULLY PRESENT, LIVING WITH PURPOSE ON PURPOSE.  IT'S TIME!    Now that's DA Art of Living!

New Year, New Mindset, New Reality!

~Simply Lady Dana
  January 2016 (c)

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Thursday, December 3, 2015



Oh my gosh!  Those are the only words that come to mind as I clear and shred my papers and other things that have been blocking my flow, my chi if you would.   I am so ready to be in perfect position, and balance for the new year. Waiting for January 1st, 2016 to start is too late. I had to start in 2015.  And I must say it has been an arduous, yet freeing process. And the journey continues.

In my profession, as a Clinical Researcher and entrepreneur, we are required to save clinical documents for an inordinate amount of time, seven years minimum. Let's just say that I have done seven years plus.  Even now, I am going through files dated 2003, and I get great satisfaction of tearing them to pieces and shredding them.   I had STUFF that I have trekked from the East Coast, to the West Coast, to the North Georgia mountains and now back to Atlanta.  No wonder I was feeling weighed down! No one said that the purge of life would be easy, especially when it comes to people, who unlike papers and STUFF, must be handled with great care. But everyone does not warrant a front row seat in your life: It's ok for some to be in the mezzanine level of your journey of onlookers at a distance. Be prayerful. Be intentional. Be courageous. Be clear. 

When going through your past, be it work related, personal or both, it is very tempting to get stuck on the memories of what is now a distant past. DON'T! But today, I press through, I press on and and I clear out.  I am making room for my new blessings, my new opportunities in every form.  Clarity looks good on me and I'm sure it will on you too. Take the leap!

What are you doing to clear away the clutter of your past?  Even your thoughts could clutter your mind, which is the best processor in the world.  It takes a concerted effort to reprogram your thoughts. That is why I love TED Talks.  It is positive, succinct  messages in 10-15 minute vignettes. I DECLARE I WILL BE A TED TALK SPEAKER IN 2016!  I am open to those who can and are willing to help me as I position myself to achieve this personal goal. While the old adage is true, "we choose our friends and not our family". I believe we choose our own destiny. You're in charge of your own success. Choose wisely!  Now that's DA Art of Living!

~Simply Lady Dana Austin

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Use What You Have In Your Hands

"Use What You Have In Your Hands"

Your hands are filled with wonder, creation, sensation, strength, restoration and love.It is easy to look around and see the greatness and abilities in others. It takes a concentrated, compassionate effort to look within and see the greatness and abilities in yourself: but it is there!  We  were created in God's image, uniquely designed, and one of a kind. And with specs like that, you can't help but to be GREAT!

Some have the gift of gab, and find their selves in journalism, leadership, periscoping, pastors or commentators: That's their gift!  Some find themselves with a keen eye to capture moments in time and you see them as cinematographers, as artists, visionaries, designers, and photographers: That's their gift! Some find themselves naturally as wordsmiths and you see them  as authors, speech writers, bloggers, and in the field of public relations: That's their gift! Some find themselves with the ability to build: You see them as inventors, carpenters, and engineers: That's their gifts! Some find themselves great with numbers and interpretations thereof, you see them at mathematicians, scientist, analyst, economists and researchers.  Some find themselves with the ability to interpret and you see them as event planners, actors, and language interpreters: That's their gift!

Your gift(s) comes naturally to you. It is not forced or requires external motivation.  It's already in you.  It may require resurrecting if you have been sitting on it for some time. It may require practice, but it is there.  

So what 's stopping you from using your natural talents and gifts?  ONLY YOU!  The world is waiting for what you have to offer, create, restore, build, heal and love.  These gifts, these talents will catapult you to your position of purpose.  You owe it to yourself to be true with these gifts and talents that have been entrusted to YOU!

Your hands are gifted!  So use what you have in your hands.  Now that's DA Art of Living!

~Simply Lady Dana
October 2015 (c)