Saturday, July 23, 2016

Love Love

I never tire of watching the farewells at the airport, which seems to play out like a great cinematic ending to a box office love story. I can't be the only one who pauses and linger to watch these final waves of farewell; thrown butterfly kisses; and widening smiles of their goodbyes.

Even more moving are joyous reunions of soldiers that have been abroad, reuniting with their families The leaping joy of a little girl, as she bolts into her Daddys arms, covered in military fatigues and the wife who cries as they share what seems to be a never ending  hug, as their family unites again. I quietly she'd a tear of joy of their reunion, as I disappear, hopefully unnoticed as I wipe the tear from the corner of my eye. Now that's DA Art of Living!  #LoveLove

~Simply Dana
July 2016 (c)

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