Monday, April 18, 2016

Don't Quit, No Matter What!

Sometimes we need a swift kick to get us back in gear and on the right path. My eleven year old nephew Xavier, was that kick for me this past weekend.

After hours of unpacking, decorating and directing for the set up for our Annual Spring Tea Party, hats and gloves and all, I found him seated in our nearly empty sanctuary, as the beautiful sounds from a Baby Grand, played by Fabrice,  seemed to captivate him in a peaceful calm. I slowly made my way down the aisle, to the front, and quietly sat next to him. I too needed the soothing pause of the beautiful notes for my weary mind and soul.

At some point, I told him I use to take piano lessons when I was about his age, but I had stopped. He looked in my direction, and without pause, he asked, but sternly stated " Ti Ti Dana, why do you quit  everything? I'm certain a big gulp to the pit of my stomach followed, rhat i hope the sounds from the piano drowned out. He then followed  saying "You quit writing and you quit piano". I took his remarks like a champ, a wounded one at that. My response was from my  formulated reality. "You're right Xavier, I have quit those things, but you've given me much to think about."

I did not tell my nephew, that my mom, as a single parent, could not afford to keep us in piano lessons, and for us to continue to travel to Manhattan, by ourselves (my sister stefanie, who was 12 at the time, and me eleven ) every week. So we quit.

Now, as for the writing, I just allowed other things to take priority over my love and freedom of written expression. That was until now.

So here I am WRITING again, all because of the wisdom of a young mind that is watching and teaching me to stay the course. And on that note, I declare that I am extremely intentional and shall birth three books this year, 2016, no matter what! They have been in the making and now I prepare to release them and ask for you, like my eleven year old nephew, to hold me accountable.  Now that's DA Art of Living!

Simply Lady Dana
April 2016  (c)

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