Sunday, January 3, 2016



Here I sit, on a cool Sunday morning in Atlanta,  at Starbucks with book in tow as I sip on Mint Majesty Tea and gnosh on gingerbread, as I contemplate the moment in which I'm in and the unlimited possibilities ahead.  The year 2016  is only 3 days young, and months before it arrived, I knew that IT WAS MY TIME!  My time to SHINE,  My time to THRIVE. And  my time to BE ALL that I was designed to be, with out apologies.  

I'm not much of a new year resolution maker, and therefore not a breaker either.  But I have decided to fully LIVE my life on PURPOSE in the purpose in which God has called me.  I am willing and PRESENT to do the work. I GET UP DRESS UP and SHOW UP even  when the weather is not complimentary to the warm element in which I thrive. 

I am intentional about what I do, say and how I spend my time.   Does that mean that I have every moment and thought mapped out? Certainly not!   Just the other day I attended a Small Business Expo.  And prior to attending I knew two things:  1). I did not want to leave there with 100 new business cards and 2). I was only going to spend three hours max at the expo.  Taking in consideration those two factors I put my three INTENTIONS out there and the UNIVERSE conspired to make it happen. And three hours later, all three of those intentions were realized and exceeded. I smiled big on the inside as I recognized the potential  POWER of OUR THOUGHTS.   We are who we say we are!  Who are you? What are you telling yourself?

Being INTENTIONAL sets us up to ATTRACT  WHAT WE RADIATE.  What I watch, listen to, read and the company that I keep must be ON FLEEK and be for the GREATEST GOOD!   This CLARITY really makes saying YES or NO so much easier: a new place for me!

Once you reach this higher state of  CLARITY and PURPOSE, you then  realize that in CHRIST, you already are and have ENOUGH!  Everything you need is WITHIN REACH and in your CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE.  Those things that no longer serve you or the GREATEST GOOD, can and probably should be PURGED.  As we saunter, or leap into 2016, may your JOY be enough , your LOVE be enough, your LAUGHTER be enough, your CLARITY be enough, your COURAGE be enough, your  WISDOM be enough,  your PEACE be enough,  your SORROWS be enough, your RESOLVE be enough, your ability to FORGIVE be enough, your  HOPE be enough,  your PASSION be enough, and your PURPOSE be enough to propel you to where you're suppose to be:  FULLY PRESENT, LIVING WITH PURPOSE ON PURPOSE.  IT'S TIME!    Now that's DA Art of Living!

New Year, New Mindset, New Reality!

~Simply Lady Dana
  January 2016 (c)

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