Thursday, December 3, 2015



Oh my gosh!  Those are the only words that come to mind as I clear and shred my papers and other things that have been blocking my flow, my chi if you would.   I am so ready to be in perfect position, and balance for the new year. Waiting for January 1st, 2016 to start is too late. I had to start in 2015.  And I must say it has been an arduous, yet freeing process. And the journey continues.

In my profession, as a Clinical Researcher and entrepreneur, we are required to save clinical documents for an inordinate amount of time, seven years minimum. Let's just say that I have done seven years plus.  Even now, I am going through files dated 2003, and I get great satisfaction of tearing them to pieces and shredding them.   I had STUFF that I have trekked from the East Coast, to the West Coast, to the North Georgia mountains and now back to Atlanta.  No wonder I was feeling weighed down! No one said that the purge of life would be easy, especially when it comes to people, who unlike papers and STUFF, must be handled with great care. But everyone does not warrant a front row seat in your life: It's ok for some to be in the mezzanine level of your journey of onlookers at a distance. Be prayerful. Be intentional. Be courageous. Be clear. 

When going through your past, be it work related, personal or both, it is very tempting to get stuck on the memories of what is now a distant past. DON'T! But today, I press through, I press on and and I clear out.  I am making room for my new blessings, my new opportunities in every form.  Clarity looks good on me and I'm sure it will on you too. Take the leap!

What are you doing to clear away the clutter of your past?  Even your thoughts could clutter your mind, which is the best processor in the world.  It takes a concerted effort to reprogram your thoughts. That is why I love TED Talks.  It is positive, succinct  messages in 10-15 minute vignettes. I DECLARE I WILL BE A TED TALK SPEAKER IN 2016!  I am open to those who can and are willing to help me as I position myself to achieve this personal goal. While the old adage is true, "we choose our friends and not our family". I believe we choose our own destiny. You're in charge of your own success. Choose wisely!  Now that's DA Art of Living!

~Simply Lady Dana Austin

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