Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Use What You Have In Your Hands

"Use What You Have In Your Hands"

Your hands are filled with wonder, creation, sensation, strength, restoration and love.It is easy to look around and see the greatness and abilities in others. It takes a concentrated, compassionate effort to look within and see the greatness and abilities in yourself: but it is there!  We  were created in God's image, uniquely designed, and one of a kind. And with specs like that, you can't help but to be GREAT!

Some have the gift of gab, and find their selves in journalism, leadership, periscoping, pastors or commentators: That's their gift!  Some find themselves with a keen eye to capture moments in time and you see them as cinematographers, as artists, visionaries, designers, and photographers: That's their gift! Some find themselves naturally as wordsmiths and you see them  as authors, speech writers, bloggers, and in the field of public relations: That's their gift! Some find themselves with the ability to build: You see them as inventors, carpenters, and engineers: That's their gifts! Some find themselves great with numbers and interpretations thereof, you see them at mathematicians, scientist, analyst, economists and researchers.  Some find themselves with the ability to interpret and you see them as event planners, actors, and language interpreters: That's their gift!

Your gift(s) comes naturally to you. It is not forced or requires external motivation.  It's already in you.  It may require resurrecting if you have been sitting on it for some time. It may require practice, but it is there.  

So what 's stopping you from using your natural talents and gifts?  ONLY YOU!  The world is waiting for what you have to offer, create, restore, build, heal and love.  These gifts, these talents will catapult you to your position of purpose.  You owe it to yourself to be true with these gifts and talents that have been entrusted to YOU!

Your hands are gifted!  So use what you have in your hands.  Now that's DA Art of Living!

~Simply Lady Dana
October 2015 (c)

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