Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Bridge Over Troubled Water

Well there we were, like Thelma and Louise, me and Kim riding South on I-75, on our way to Jekyl Island. Something in the air confirmed that this hot Summer Georgia day would make this no ordinary road trip. And here's why: we had a four-legged, black dachshund, with red highlights, named Harley who accompanied us on this trip.  And if you know me, you know that while I love dogs, their dander does not necessarily love me back.  Our first exciting moment was when Harley took a leap of faith and jumped out of the car window.  Thank God the car was not in motion! Mind you, she opened the window her self. This was a sign of things to come.

And of course, no road trip would be official without sing-a-longs: and ours was no exception.  We sang songs that ranged from Broadway musicals, top pops, to gospel hits.  Many of the songs were originals that we made up along the way, including the one we barked to the tune of B-I-N-G-O. No doubt this trip had all the makings that it had already gone to the dogs. And we had Harley, our true 'Road Dog' to boot.  While she seemed to be enjoying the adventure, after an hour or riding,  she had the "Are We There Yet?" look on her face.

Six hours later, as night  descended over the  hot Summer day, I noticed some orange lights strewn in the nights sky.   I quickly  looked at Kim and asked with panic in my voice "IS THAT A BRIDGE?"  She calmly replied, 'Yes'. My eyes diverted quickly to the shoulder of the road, looking for a place to pull over so that she could drive.   This was our first road trip, so Kim had no clue that I have a phobia of driving over bridges.  And for whatever the reason,  I did not think we'd have to cross a bridge to get the the island. Somehow the car found itself in a clearing on the shoulder, where we could safely change seats.

Kim, being the kind-hearted friend and woman of God that she is, said to me, 'Dana, Jesus is your bridge and you need to cross over to get where He wants to take you.' All of that made sense in my head, but my palms were begining to sweat, a sure sign of my nerves swelling up.  Did I mention that Kim also is a singer/actress?  Well, she is.  She quickly broke out in song to a Simon & Garfunkel classic, as I put the car in drive.  And I slowly made my way across the bridge as Kim sang and I with hands tightly gripped to the steering wheel, joined in  "Like A Bridge Over Trouble Water, I Will Lay Me Down".  Moments later, we were on the other side and she congratulated me for conquering my fears.  I could already see that God was already at work, even before we made it to the Women's retreat.

Thirty minutes later, we found ourselves lost and stopped at a gas station to confirm our location, as the GPS had given up the ghost.  The clerk was quick to point to the very same bridge that we had just crossed.  I was thankful when Kim said, you must be tired, let me drive!  My mind was eased as we crossed that bridge over troubled waters and safely made our way to Villas by the Sea.

Facing fears and conquering them: Now that's DA Art of Living!

~Simply Lady Dana
August 2015 (c)

Click on link to enjoy a little Simon & Garfunkel

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